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Kruger offers personalized, flexible fitness training

Insane Fitness is a versatile lifestyle program offering a variety of services catering to each individuals specialized needs.

Jen Kruger who owns and operates the business said her vision "is to make living a healthy lifestyle easy and affordable. I train in your home, in my home or outdoors. This is a great program for all age levels and genders and especially new moms," she stated.

Kruger is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, and nutrition specialist with over 15 years of experience in the field.

The business comes as a totally hands-on commitment for Kruger, who is flying solo coordinating all areas that are structured to fit each person's express needs, whether they are sedentary or more active.

Key to the program is personal training with Kruger providing individualized guidance with fitness and wellness goals, developing the most effective training plan to achieve those goals, as well as educating clients about general health and nutrition guidelines.

Other aspects of the business include: Buddy Training, very similar to personal training, but having another person train with you; Kid Training, where through exercise and physical activity kids are able to meet their full potential while having fun with fitness; and online training, which includes all of the benefits of personal training, but communicating online instead. This package offering is huge giving Kruger the foundation to train people all over the world.

Insane Fitness also offers specialized classes, boot camp, and group training.

Kruger said her client base is steadily growing and includes membership from the West Fargo, Fargo, Dilworth metro area as well smaller communities in the region.

As an added incentive Insane Fitness is currently offering a referral program -- clients who refer two people receive one month free.

Kruger is a National Independent Health Club Association member, which allows her to offer a Health Club Credit program.

For more information Kruger can be contacted at, 701-212-6164.