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Brantl joins Healing Touch Chiropractic

Dr. Tiffany Johnson, and the team at Healing Touch Chiropractic, West Fargo, announces the addition of Mandy Brantl to the practice as a Chiropractic Assistant. A local resident, Brantl rings 10 years of sales and customer service to the practice. Her responsibilities will include assisting all patients through their appointments, sharing knowledge on nutrition, supplementation and assist Johnson in screenings, speaking events, etc.

“Mandy brings a dynamic personality and passion to our team. She is driven to make her family and friends as healthy (and happy) as possible through chiropractic, along with incorporating other lifestyle changes,” said Johnson. “She’s driven and ready to make an impact in our community by educating others on how to live their best life.”

Brantl is excited about her new role. “It’s exciting to be joining a practice that makes so much sense in our health and well-being. I can’t wait to be a part of making miracles and happiness happen in our office.”

Healing Touch Chiropractic works with numerous families in West Fargo, Fargo, and surrounding areas. Founded in 2005 by Johnson, the business has become known for itsr unique healthcare philosophy; from a focus on the treatment of disease and symptoms to that of a wellness model that includes a natural approach to health and healing. More information can be found on their website at and on their Facebook page at