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Bobcat set to announce more layoffs

West Fargo-based Bobcat is expected to announce today that more than 100 employees will be laid off.

Union officials have been told 114 hourly employees at the Gwinner, N.D. plant will lose their jobs, said Tom Ricker, president of United Steelworkers Local 560 in Gwinner.

Affected employees will be notified beginning today, although some employees are on vacation and might not be notified until Monday, he said.

Richter said he's also heard informal reports that some salaried Bobcat employees might lose their jobs, too.

He said the job cuts were surprising because some economists said the U.S. economy appears to be improving.

Laura Ness Owens, Bobcat public relations manager, said early today that the company would be issuing an announcement later today that is workforce related.

Ness said the company would be notifying employees across all shifts before commenting publicly.

In June and July, Bobcat shut down its production plants in Gwinner and Bismarck for several delay in reaction to declining economic conditions.

In April, the company laid off 250 hourly and salaried employees at both plants due to reduced worldwide demand for its products.