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Maximum Performance & Fitness expected to open WF location in December

Rendering of a new West Fargo location of Maximum Performance & Fitness which owner Brad Nordstrom expects to open in December. Submitted image1 / 2
Rendering of a new West Fargo location of Maximum Performance & Fitness which owner Brad Nordstrom expects to open in December. Submitted image2 / 2

After years with a Fargo location he felt was hidden with other businesses, Brad Nordstrom seized the chance to get a location in West Fargo.

Nordstrom, owner of Maximum Performance & Fitness in Fargo, will be expanding his fitness business with a new location at 485 32nd Ave East after seven years of steady business growth at his current location at 1001 Westrac Drive in Fargo.

The new building, currently under construction will be more than 12,000 square feet. Nordstrom said his business will take up about 10,000 square feet which will more than double his current space so he can expand workouts to an outside turf.

He hopes to open the new location by Dec. 1.

"I think the big thing was it was an opportunity," Nordstrom said. "This helps us get closer to a residential neighborhood. I think it's going to be out in the open and will start to expose people to find out what we're doing."

Nordstrom has been involved with fitness for over 20 years. He was a strength coach at North Dakota State and worked with the likes of Bison basketball greats Ben Woodside and Andre Smith where he built his "toolbox" of exercises. He dabbled in personal training and helped a friend build a business in Minneapolis before opening one of his own.

"We've continued to climb the latter," Nordstrom said. "We started from ground zero. You start from the ground and work your way up."

Maximum Performance & Fitness focuses on cardiovascular exercise mixed with strength work and usually brings in athletes involved in basketball, volleyball and soccer. Nordstrom said he works with high school students but will develop specialized workout plans for a wide range of clientele usually ranging from 25 to 50 years old who are already active and looking for a new challenge.

MELT, one of the feature programs of Maximum Performance & Fitness, combines ordinary exercises like dumbbell, barbell and bodyweight work with non-traditional sledgehammer chops, rope whips and others. Nordstrom, who developed the program in 2010, said the program has been a driving force for his business and an outside turf would expand its possibilities at a new location.

"It's hard work. Working your tail off is going to pay off," Nordstrom said. "You treat your client with respect and coach them up and they start to see the results and notice how good they feel, and they're going to tell their friends and that's how we've built on."

With each program designed for each person, Nordstrom said his center is intended for those who will stay motivated and continue to come back. Though he hasn't needed to advertise much, the fitness center's success has led to clientele growth and thus made a new location possible.

"This facility will be able to take this business to a whole new level," Nordstrom said. "We have a loyal client base, and it would be great to grow from it."

Colton Pool

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