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Ladies Auxiliary President Weible honored for leadership role

Joyce Weible

North Dakota's Ladies Auxiliary President Joyce Weible of West Fargo, was named Runner-up Department President of the Year for her membership group during the 96th National Convention of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) of the U. S. held August 15-20 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Weible, who is a member of Arthur W. Jones Auxiliary #7564, was honored for her excellent leadership during the 2008-2009 year.

National President Dixie Hild of Omaha, Neb., made the announcement at a special luncheon, presenting awards to the two top department president's from each of the organization's 11 membership groups.

These are the highest awards for members that were presented during the convention.

A highlight of the convention was the announcement of the Outstanding Department Presidents in the 11 membership groups at the National President's Luncheon on Monday followed that afternoon by the presentation of the Ladies Auxiliary's national youth scholarship winners.

Krysta Brown from Santa Barbara, Calif. received the National Junior Girls $10,000 scholarship; James Smith Jr., of Altoona, Pa., the Outstanding Young Volunteer of the Year Award and a $5,000 U.S. savings bond; and Savanah Miller of Mangum, Okla., the National Young American Creative Patriotic Art first place $10,000 scholarship.

Other highlights included the opportunity for members to view the eight winning patriotic art entries and Buddy Poppy displays, in addition to attending several joint events with the VFW, such as a Patriotic Rally on Tuesday.

During the convention, the National President commended the 3,500 attendees for all their hard work in honoring veterans and supporting deployed military personnel and their families. Members have spent millions of dollars and volunteer hours helping the heroes of our country.

The National President also thanked members for volunteering 1.5 million hours in the nation's hospitals, raising $2,601,753 for the organization's Cancer Aid & Research Fund, and donating $275,637 for 'Operation Uplink' to provide long-distance telephone cards to troops and hospitalized veterans.

Thousands of dollars have been donated to cancer research facilities across the country. National President Dixie Hild sent funds to the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, Fisher House Foundation, The Lakeshore Foundation, Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles, The Highground Veterans Memorial Park and other organizations across the country.

The election and installation of National President Jan Tittle, a Life Member of TSgt Walter C. Fulda Auxiliary #3433 in Ladson, S.C., and the other 2009-2010 National Officers on Thursday, Aug. 20, concluded the convention and brought Hild's term to an end.

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