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Lewis, Fredricks receive awards at state water convention

Carol Lewis, Sean Fredricks and Pat Zavoral are pictured with the awards they received in recognition of their contributions to water resource areas.

Three water leaders, Carol Harbeke Lewis and Sean Fredricks from West Fargo, and Pat Zavoral from Fargo, were honored during the 47th Annual Joint North Dakota Water Convention and Irrigation Expo, Dec. 8-9 in Bismarck.

Lewis was the recipient of the North Dakota Water Wheel, recognized by the North Dakota Water Users Association and North Dakota Water Resource Districts Association for her distinctive leadership and perseverance in motivating development of the state's water resources. Lewis has served as secretary-treasurer for the four water resource districts in Cass County, the Cass County Joint Board and numerous other joint boards since 1984. In her 26 years of experience, Lewis has demonstrated a selfless commitment to the water resource districts in Cass County and to important water projects for the benefit of the residents of Cass County and the entire North Dakota water community.

Lewis manages the water resource district office in Cass County, and during the course of her tenure has served with several water managers and has played a significant role in the completion of several notable water projects, including the Sheyenne Diversion, the Maple River Dam, and the Swan Creek Diversion.

"As someone who frequently operates behind the scenes to ensure her water resource districts and their projects run smoothly, Carol rarely receives, and does not seek, recognition for her efforts. Yet, Carol is an excellent example of a selfless member of the North Dakota water community, and a deserving North Dakota Water Wheel," stated North Dakota Water Users Association Executive Vice President Michael Dwyer.

Fredricks received the Steamboat Award, recognized by the Red River Joint Water Resource Board for his distinguished service in management of water resources in the Red River Watershed of North Dakota.

Fredricks represents several water resource districts, rural water systems, political subdivisions, and other water entities as part of the Ohnstad Twichell Law Firm. Most recently, Fredricks provided legal guidance to the Red River Joint Board in a joint powers agreement with the Red River Watershed Authority. This joint board, the Red River Retention Authority, was created for the purpose of flood damage reduction on an interstate level. The Steamboat Award exemplifies the pioneering spirit of the settlers who traveled the Red River by steamboat.