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Sheyenne Hearing Service moves, open house set

This marks the third move for West Fargo based Sheyenne Hearing Service.

David Kruse, a North Dakota Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist since 1987, founded Sheyenne Hearing Service in June 1999, and will celebrate 24 years in the business in April.

Kruse places emphasis on customer service and strives to bring 100% satisfaction to all his patients, in an effort to help solve their hearing problems.

Sheyenne Hearing Service has been a member of the Starkey Hearing Alliance since 2002, invited to join due to a strong commitment to the hearing healthcare industry, attention to detail, and excellent customer service.

The new Sheyenne Hearing Service office will introduce one of the areas first Aural Rehabilitation rooms to help patients get the most benefit from their hearing system. This "virtual world" listening environment can simulate various listening situations such as riding in a car, sitting in a theater, or listening to things in the home, effectively showcasing Starkey's Voice IQ system which helps people hear better in noise places.

With Starkey's recent release of "Wi", "true" wireless hearing aids, Sheyenne Hearing can demonstrate how the audio signal of your television can be streamed to your hearing aids without the need for neck-loops or other devices, by using the Surf Link media device, which easily plugs into a television set. The patient can use their personal Surf Link remote to adjust the volume or other functions of their "Wi" hearing system.

An Open House/Grand Reopening is scheduled for April 1-8, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with daily demonstrations of the Starkey Wi, refreshments, tours, and registrations for door prizes.

Appointments for hearing evaluations or demonstrations are welcome and encouraged by calling 701-281-8137 in advance of a visit.