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Lauritsen Financial sets up shop in West Fargo

From left to right, Jake, Stephanie and Louie Lauritsen own Lauritsen Financial. Carrie Snyder / Forum Communications Co.

It has been a welcome West Fargo homecoming for Lauritsen Financial.

After more than 30 years at three Fargo locations, the family-owned-and-operated business specializing in personalized financial planning has relocated to 1241 Prairie Parkway, Suite 100, West Fargo.

Louie Lauritsen established Lauritsen and Associates in 1984 after being involved in the financial planning field for eight years. His son, Jake, joined the firm in 1999 as an advisor. After a few years of learning from his father, Jake spun off on his own and named his business Lauritsen Financial.

Louie remains active in the company servicing an established clientele following; while Jake oversees current clientele reviews and visits with potential new clients. Jake's wife, Stephanie, manages customer service aspects, along with marketing, compliance and day-to-day business operations for both.

Louie and his wife, Judy, reside in West Fargo where they have lived for 37 years. Jake and Stephanie also make their home in West Fargo with their children, Jason Jr., who is in kindergarten, and their 3 year-old daughter Reagan.

It was this strong allegiance to community that provided the reasoning for Lauritsen Financial wanting to move its practice to West Fargo. For the last few years they had been searching for the right office space and this past fall they had the opportunity to purchase an office building.

An added bonus, Jake noted, was the high caliber of professionals, all related to the financial planning industry, that are also doing business in the same office center.

In addition, to Lauritsen Financial, the building also houses Far North Insurance, specializing in commercial, residential, and property insurance, owned by Aaron Hovland and Pat Jones who are also partners in the building; as well as estate planning attorneys and a CPA tax professional. "This setting not only provides an opportunity for our clients to have access to each one of these services but it also gives us as advisors, access to these professionals to bounce ideas off of," Lauritsen stated. "A lot of what Lauritsen Financial does for our clients involves some type of planning that includes these services as well."

Along with the diversity of service offerings available, Lauritsen Financial takes great pride in their specialized one-on-one service that allows them to cater to each individual's needs. "As independent advisors, we don't have a corporate office dictating to us how to serve each of our clients," Jake explained. "Everyone has a different story and situation and we have the ability and experience to help with each of those scenarios and do what's best for them."

With a couple of months now behind them, the Lauritsens say the transition to brand-new setting has proved to be an excellent one. "Personally, our new location has been a life changing event," Jake noted. "First of all, it has cut our commute by over half.  Driving to downtown Fargo every day was a time-consuming endeavor and not very conducive to good time management. It has been great not only for our local clients but for those that live out of town. We are now a lot easier to find and get to, compared to weaving around the one-way streets of Downtown Fargo."

Their repositioning also makes it more convenient for participation in West Fargo endeavors both Jake and Louie are heavily involved with, including attendance at functions of the West Fargo Exchange Club, a service organization focusing on community and the prevention of child abuse. Jake and Stephanie are also active in leadership roles at Lutheran Church of the Cross, Jake as a member of the finance committee and Stephanie with the community service committee.

As the second generation of Lauritsen's dedicated to their family owned business, Jake and Stephanie might already be laying the groundwork for a third generation partnership. Acting like he's already one of the crew, Jason Jr. can be seen any day after 2:30 p. m. (the conclusion of kindergarten) at "his desk" in Stephanie's office. Reportedly, he has even already called "dibs" on Grandpa Louie's office when he retires, so it will be interesting to track how far this enthusiasm and momentum takes him.

Office hours at Lauritsen Financial are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Walk-ins are welcome but appointments are preferred to ensure that adequate time is available to address each client's respective needs. Inquiries can be made or appointments arranged by calling 701-235-0585 or 877-754-9208 (toll free). Additional information is also available on their website at