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Eccher selected for NDDOT traffic safety media award

Marino Eccher, The Forum, Fargo/Moorhead has been selected for the Traffic Safety Media Award by North Dakota Department of Transportation at their annual Awards Banquet in Bismarck. Eccher was one of four media nominations considered for this award.

Eccher was nominated by the Sheyenne Valley Safe Communities Coalition for his media series, Deadly Decisions, which examined the culture of drinking and driving in North Dakota. Eccher interviewed offenders, victims, family members, legislators, law enforcement, and defense and prosecuting attorneys. “Mr. Eccher wrote a fair, balanced and informative series that demonstrated the magnitude of North Dakota’s impaired driving problem and brought it to our kitchen tables,” stated Mark Nelson, Director, Safety Division, “We are pleased to be able to honor Mr. Eccher for his contributions to traffic safety.”

Eccher’s series Deadly Decisions was not only printed in the Fargo Forum, but was subsequently published in media outlets across the state and generated news reports and stories on the culture of drinking and driving in North Dakota.

Eccher, who was employed with the Forum Fargo/Moorhead at the time he wrote this series, has since moved to Minnesota.