Fargo couple can been seen on new HGTV episode airing this week


FARGO—Fans of the tropics and house hunting will soon see a Fargo couple get a dream home in paradise.

David Hamilton and Bernie Erickson auditioned for the House Hunters International Show by wearing winter parkas and comparing our weather here with the tropics in Central America.

Thousands applied for the HGTV spot, and the two were selected for the show.

The crew shot in Fargo and Costa Rica, eight months ago, and the show airs March 2nd.

The house David and Bernie selected will be revealed that night.

The couple says Costa Rica is the perfect fit; affordable and safe.

"What we really like is that people with regular means can afford a place close to the beach and it is like buying a place in the states, so and we were real comfortable," said David Hamilton, who will appear on HGTV.

The HGTV episode will air Friday at 9:30 p.m.