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4-Her's receive honors at District Communication Arts contest

Cass County participants in the District Communication Arts Contest included: Front row, left to right: Jonah Stevenson, Rachel Danielson, Joslin Forness; back row, left to right: Preeti Chemiti, Emily Erickson, Megan Badinger, Jonathon Dodge, Alaina Lynk, Pooja Chemiti Not Pictured: Ryder Belgarde. Submitted photo

The 2012 District 4-H Communication Arts Contest was held May 31 at Centennial Elementary School in Fargo, with youth from Cass, Richland, and Traill counties participating. The event focused on youth giving presentations in several categories including: Demonstrations, Illustrated Talk, Prepared Speech, Interpretive Reading, Dramatic Presentation, Short Takes, Broadcast and Commercials.

Sponsors for the North Dakota 4-H Communication Arts Program are the North Dakota 4-H Foundation, Cenex Harvest States Foundation, KEM Electric Co-op, Inc., Nodak Electric Cooperative, Inc., and Verendrye Electric Co-op, Inc.

Maxine J. Nordick, Extension Agent/4-H Youth for Cass County served as coordinator stating, "This event helps young people to build self-confidence, poise and good communication skills. It's encouraging to see so many young members participating so enthusiastically."

Judges for the event were: Lori Paulson, Galesburg; Muriel Hedrick, Wahpeton; Marie Hvidsten, Rural Leadership Specialist, NDSU; and Rita Ussatis, NDSU/Cass County Extension Agent. Also assisting were: Colleen Svingen, NDSU/Richland County Extension Agent; Deb Evenson, Richland County Extension; and Julie Lemm, volunteer from Traill County. Ken Nichols, NDSU/Traill County Extension Agent hosted the awards.

Youth receiving top honors included:

Preteen Interpretive Reading/Serious: First place, Rachel Danielson, honorable mention, Pooja Chemiti, both Fargo, both Cass County;

Preteen Interpretive Reading/Humorous: First place, Lydia Stephens, Wahpeton Richland County; honorable mention, Gabriel Lothspeich, Wyndmere, Richland County;

Preteen Prepared Speech: First place, Preeti Chemiti, Fargo, Cass County;

Preteen Illustrated Talk/Individual: First place, Alaina Lynk, Fargo, Cass County; honorable mention, Pooja and Preeti Chemiti, Fargo, Cass County;

Preteen Broadcast: First place, Hannah Mueller, Cummings, Traill County; honorable mention, Pooja and Preeti Chemiti, Fargo, Cass County;

Preteen Dramatic Presentation: First place, Pooja and Preeti Chemiti, Fargo, Cass County;

Preteen Demonstration/Individual: First place, Joslin Forness, West Fargo, Cass County; honorable mention, Jonah Stevenson, Horace, Cass County.

Preteen Commercial: First place, Preeti Chemiti, Fargo, Cass County; honorable mention, Jessica Matthys and Ashley Trudel, Hillsboro, Traill County.

Preteen Short Takes: First place, Preeti Chemiti, Fargo, Cass County; honorable mention, Pooja Chemiti, Fargo, Cass County;

Teen Interpretive Reading/Serious: First place, Emily Lothspeich, Wyndmere, Richland County; honorable mention, Ryder Belgarde, Horace, Cass County;

Teen Interpretive Reading/Humorous: First place, Laura Manstrom, Wyndmere, Richland County, honorable mention, Catherine Manstrom, Wyndmere, Richland County;

Teen Prepared Speech: First place, Laura Manstrom, Wyndmere, Richland County; honorable mention: Abby Mueller, Cummings, Traill County;

Teen Illustrated Talk/Individual: First place, Megan Badinger, Fargo, Cass County;

Teen Commercial/Team: First place: Kristin Wright and Annika Rotvold, Hillsboro, Traill County;

Teen Demonstration/Individual: First place, Anna Lemm, Hillsboro, Traill County; honorable mention, Emily Erickson, Fargo, Cass County;

Teen Short Takes: First place, Jonathon Dodge, Davenport, Cass County.