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Academic News (Feb. 29, 2012)

William L. Chale, West Fargo, was among the 3,128 North Dakota State University students to be placed on the fall 2011 dean's list. Chale is majoring in computer science.

A student must earn a 3.50 grade point average or higher and be enrolled in at least 12 class credits to qualify.

The University of North Dakota has named 165 students, mostly freshmen, to receive the D.J. Robertson Award for earning "straight A" averages for the 2011 fall semester.

One of these students was Nathaniel Peterson, of Horace.

The award is presented to students who earn 4.0 grade point averages (straight A) for the semester, while completing a minimum of 12 graded hours of academic coursework. The award honors the late D.J. Robertson, the first dean of UNDs University College and a faculty member for 37 years. Robertson helped create University College in 1995 and served as its dean until retiring in 1978. He passed away in 1993.

Several students with ties to the West Fargo area have been named to the Minnesota State University Moorhead dean's list for the fall 2011 semester. Students were recognized for academic achievement, and must maintain a 3.25 or higher grade point average and carry 12 graded credits to qualify.

The students are:

Central Cass High School alums: Sara Bowman, Elementary Education, Harwood; and Gayle Bowman, BA Art, Harwood.

Fargo South High School alums: Brianna Daub, Social Work, West Fargo; Jennifer Dobis, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Pre-Medicine, West Fargo; Kristine Hansen, BA Art, West Fargo; Ashley Olson, Geosciences, West Fargo; and Jenelle Swenberger, Sociology, West Fargo.

Fargo North High School alums: Katie Arias, Spanish Education, Horace; and Marissa Gaugler, BA Art, Horace.

Kindred High School alums: Alexander Becher, Elementary Inclusive Education, Horace.

West Fargo High School alums: Jannel Barnes, Special Education, Music Education, West Fargo; Blaine Beam, Sustainability, West Fargo; Jason Boerger, Social Studies, Horace; Jason Bond, University Studies, West Fargo; Tara Brekke, Film Studies, West Fargo; Mary Broeren, Social Work, Mapleton; Micole Brokmeier, Biology, West Fargo; Michael Brown, Spanish, West Fargo; Lucas Byzewski, Computer Information Technology, West Fargo; Kelli Clark, Social Studies, West Fargo; Kaytlyn Cota, BA Art, Fargo; Brandon Dockter, Criminal Justice, Horace; Matthew Eckelberg, BA Art, West Fargo; Lindsey Elless, Nursing, West Fargo; Tyler Evin, Art Education, West Fargo; Eric Falde, Graphic Communications, Spanish, West Fargo; Chelsey Fenske, Pre-Social Work, Fargo; Jennifer Gallegos, Social Work, Spanish, Fargo; Shannon Gorden, Art Education, West Fargo; Alexis Geer, Early Childhood Education, West Fargo; BreAnne Gregory, Elementary Inclusive Education, West Fargo; Jessica Gust, Speech/Language/Hearing Science, Harwood; Ronak Habib, Biology, Moorhead; Jamie Hilscher, Elementary Inclusive Education, West Fargo; Samantha Hintz, Early Childhood Education, West Fargo; Nathan Holzworth, Psychology, West Fargo; Lacie Horton, Elementary Inclusive Education, Fargo; Tiffany Irving, English/Mass Communications, Fargo; Holly Johnson, Mathematics Education, Horace; Danielle Kjaer, Psychology, West Fargo; Garrett Laubach, Mass Communications, West Fargo; Jennifer Lundberg, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, West Fargo; Brianne Marthe, Speech/Language/Hearing Science, Reiles Acres; Amy Matzke, Elementary Inclusive Education, West Fargo; Jenna Miller, English, Fargo; Wade Moerke, Computer Science, West Fargo; Travis Moore, English, West Fargo; Maggi Nicholls, Graphic Communications, West Fargo; Haley Nudell, Social Work, West Fargo; Abby Paul, Psychology, Harwood; Brenda Pepple, Social Work, Moorhead; Darac Peters, Biology, West Fargo; Andre Pilch, BA Art, West Fargo; Paul Pilch, Anthropology, West Fargo; Ashley Pokrzywinski, Criminal Justice, Fargo; Peter Quinn, Social Studies, History, West Fargo; Joshua Randall, Criminal Justice, West Fargo; Heather Reule, Elementary Inclusive Education, Moorhead; Patrick Richard, Social Studies, West Fargo; Laurel Schuessler, Theatre Arts, West Fargo; Blake Selisker, Elementary Inclusive Education, Fargo; Erin Sistad, Early Childhood Education, West Fargo; Neal Stein, Music Industry, Fargo; Solveig Swanson, Theatre Arts, West Fargo; Brynna Trowbridge, Speech/Language/Hearing Science, West Fargo; Jill Utter, Elementary Education, West Fargo; Courtney Voeller, Elementary Inclusive Education, West Fargo; Andrea Volk, Film Studies, English/Mass Communications, Fargo; and Ryan Weishaar, Exercise Science, Fargo.