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<B>Canthigaster valentini</B> STEPHANI STEFFEN - Wood Through the combination of my two passions science and art, I am able to create semi- abstract structures that magnify the discovery of mud cracks, ripples, deposition, erosion, and the life within the water's boundaries. Each piece is a reflection of the cycles of nature's beauty, from the lakes of North Dakota to the depths of the oceans. Just as nature fluctuates so do the laminated forms I create. Ultimately, my goal was to make sculptures t...

Art Department hosts alumni show

community Fargo,North Dakota 58102
Art Department hosts alumni show
Fargo North Dakota 101 5th Street North 58102

The West Fargo High School Art Department is hosting its 4th Annual Alumni Art Show with a reception on Thursday, Jan. 10 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the West Fargo High School Library. There will be around 18 graduates and art teachers taking part in this show that will feature great art as well as refreshments.

Participating artists include: Ron Boehm, Sarah Dotzenrod, Jill Downs, Matthew Eckelberg, Eric Falde, Dan Francis, Shannon Gorden, Liz Grandon, Brenda Luthi, Shandi Mack, Tracy Melendez, Amber Parsons, Connie Riedman, Dave Sauvageau, Claire Shive, Jesse Suppa, Stephani Steffen, and Eric Syvertson.

Everyone is welcome to attend the showing.