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Band students earn star ratings

West Fargo 9th through 12th grade band students competed in the East-State Ensemble Festival at NDSU on March 16, with several receiving star ratings.

Recipients of the regional star were: Flute Duet - Courtney Pederson and Allison Teske; Clarinet Duet - Donavin McKinney and Katie Power; Sax Duet - Ethan Hettwer and Meghan Hanna; Sax Quartet - Ethan Hettwer, Meghan Hanna, Wyatt Ehlke, and Chris Taylor; Trumpet Duet - Logan Reed and Nick Cajobe; Trumpet Quartet - Josh Dauner, Kyle Roberts, Logan Reed, and Nick Cajobe; Low Brass Trio - Amy Tran, Sadie Waite, and Nolan Clark; Mixed Brass Ensemble - Josh Dauner, Sadie Waite, Walker Degerness, Nolan Clark, Amy Tran, and Matt Pitzer; Mixed Woodwind Duet - Keana Stormon and Abby Derrig; Percussion Trio - Greg Schlangen, MaKayla Reutter, and Lance Wilson; Clarinet Trio - Kendra Maxwell, Kristen Lindermann, and Taylor Schaible; and Oboe Duet - Blaire Savoy, Jessica Schnell.

State Star winners were: Clarinet Duet - Wendy Sun and Evan Thostenson; Percussion Quartet - Nate Peterson, Joey Bjornson, Casey Larson, and Faye Stromberg; Mixed Woodwind Trio - Erika Borslien, Jodi Stende, and Mari Tonsfeldt; Clarinet Quintet - Wendy Sun, Evan Thostenson, Erika Borslien, Alecs Peters, and Jodi Stende; Flute Duet - Alyssa Scott and Alicia Schroeder; Mallet Duet - Casey Larson and Joey Bjornson; Flute Duet - Theresa Schlangen and Madilynn Haider; Clarinet Duet - Jodi Stende and Erika Borslien; Flute Ensemble - Theresa Schlangen, Madelynn Haider, Alyssa Scott, Alicia Schroeder, Courtney Pederson, and Allison Teske; Mixed Duet - Joey Bjornson and Wendy Sun; and Mixed Woodwind Duet - Wendy Sun and Courtney Pederson.