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Bereavement Support Group to meet

West Fargo Parish Nurses, in conjunction with the West Fargo Ministerial Association, will be conducting a Bereavement Support Group session on Sunday, March 7, at 1:30 PM.  Sister Stella, from Presentation Prayer Center, will present "The Power of God in the Midst of Grief," at Faith Lutheran Church, 127 2nd Ave. E. The sessions are offered free of charge and are for anyone experiencing grief or bereavement. Discussion and refreshments will follow.

The next meeting will be Sunday, April 25, at 1:30 p.m., and feature a video program:  "When Your Spouse Dies," identifying feelings such as "Who am I now?, insecurity, and wholeness. 

The meetings alternate location among Faith Lutheran Church, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, and Cross Way Center at Lutheran Church of the Cross and Holy Cross Catholic Church.

For additional information or questions, contact parish nurses at Faith Lutheran Church 282-3309, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church 282-3321, Lutheran Church of the Cross 282-0514, or Holy Cross Catholic Church.