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Blarney Stone Pub opens

The Blarney Stone Pub is designed to be a neighborhood hangout. Dave Wallis1 / 2
The Blarney Stone Pub opened Sunday in West Fargo. Dave Wallis2 / 2

West Fargo has a new neighborhood hangout after the long-awaited Blarney Stone Pub opened on Sunday. 

The bi-level building with bi-continental fare at 1910 9th St. E. opened to a full house on Sunday. 

Blarney Stone Pub is modeled after a Bismarck location that opened in 2009. 

Co-owner Jim Poolman said he and partners Matt Geiger, Bil Rydquist and Russ Wanner wanted to bring the same unique Irish pub feel to the West Fargo and metro area after the Bismarck location proved to be such a success. 

“We basically took our Bismarck concept, which was (originally) in a couple of old buildings downtown, and re-created that space in a free- standing building in West Fargo,” Poolman said. 

Poolman said the West Fargo location is larger than the Bismarck location. 

“I call it our business on steroids,” he said. “We love the space we’re in. That area is growing, it’s vibrant, it’s full of people that we have found are like those that patronize the pub in Bismarck.”

Poolman, a former North Dakota insurance commissioner is a Fargo South graduate and University of North Dakota alumni. He and Geiger are longtime friends who started looking for business opportunities in Bismarck with Rydquist before joining up with Wanner. 

Wanner was hired as operations manager and became a partner in the group. 

Poolman, is part Irish but mostly Scandinavian and said the idea of an original Irish pub just drew him and his friends in. 

With a full menu of American and traditional Irish favorites, the Blarney Stone also keeps 36 different types of beer on tap. With its proximity to the Charleswood and other Fargo neighborhoods, Poolman said he hopes the Blarney Stone will become a neighborhood hangout. 

“We’re really proud to be part of the West Fargo community,” he said. 

One unique feature to the Blarney Stone will be Irish breakfasts served on weekends. 

With a Bloody Mary bar and options of steak and eggs or Irish Eggs Benedict, the breakfast is known as “Dinner in Dublin” was very popular in Bismarck and Poolman expects it to have the same success further east. 

“We call it Dinner in Dublin because at 11 (a.m.) our time it’s time for dinner in Dublin,” Poolman said. 

The Blarney Stone will be open Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. and on Saturdays on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m.