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Cass County 4-H'ers place second in Consumer Choices Contest

Members of the Cass County Junior team taking second place honors include: Jarrett Lardy, Colton Christmann, Danielle Roeber, Jaelyn Lardy, and Ashley Stoppleworth.

4-H'ers from across North Dakota met at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot to compete in the junior and senior Consumer Choices events on July 27, with the Cass County Junior Team taking second place high team honors. Ashley Stoppleworth, Horace, was named the second high individual and Colton Christmann, Kindred, was the tenth high individual. Other team members were Jaelyn Lardy, Jarrett Lardy and Danielle Roeber all of West Fargo. Rita Ussatis, Extension Agent coached the team.

Consumer Choices requires youth to make informed decisions on consumer-related classes and then tell the judge their reasons for ranking the classes. This year, 4-H'ers ranked two classes each of energy bars, MP3 players and photography, then gave reasons on one of each of the divisions they ranked.