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City crew goes above and beyond

West Fargo residents have it made when it comes to the city’s sanitation crew and the extra effort they afford to make sure that all the trash is picked up. And all for a meager $13 a month for residential curbside garbage including the recycling collection, with no limits on the amount of garbage that can be set out, at least not for the time being.

For those with lots and lots of garbage, this is a real perk, given that our neighboring communities limit the amount that can be set out before added volume charges kick in whether its extra bags or increased bin sizes.

It is amazing how thorough and efficient a minimal staff of 15 can be in a city with a population of over 26,000, asking for little in return, simply that the garbage is out on the curbside by 7 a.m. on collection day so that when they start there route, everybody has their garbage ready.

The city is divided into five routes for residential and recycling collection with the main garbage pickup weekly and the recyclables every other week. A color coded map is available on the city’s website at Recycling collection pick up dates are indicated on the calendar by color, along with the “garbage” holidays observed by the city.

On the up side for the sanitation staff, the number of workers will be increasing by two in 2014 to help with the increased collection demands. On the down side, Sanitation Manager Dennis Correll will be retiring the end of February after an almost three-decade run. He will be missed for his leadership finesse and transparency. It’s likely his predecessor will be someone from within so the well-tuned workings of the department Correll has laid out is sure to continue.

Thanks to his direction, the crew with its seven sanitation trucks and another for recycling has their roles and schedules down to a tee, providing quality, top notch, convenient and affordable solid waste services to the citizens as they strive to keep the city clean.

It’s obvious citizens do not take this service for granted and really do appreciate it, having heard that statement over and over again in the course of general conversation with residents.

The same can be said about other city crews, i.e. police, street and water, but it’s the sanitation department that stands out because they are so visible on a regular basis cleaning up behind everyone.

Consequently, it goes without saying, the city is truly fortunate to have such a dedicated crew — hats off for a job well done, week after week after week.

As a side note, just a reminder that if anybody is interested in participating in the city recycling program, a blue recycling bin can be picked up free of charge at West Fargo City Hall, 800 4th Ave. E.