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Commission considers noise ordinance

The West Fargo City Commission is considering a noise ordinance to that would address consistently noisy apartment homes and other disruptions in the city.

An ordinance that came before the commission on Monday would have allowed police officers to determine if the ordinance had been violated. A violation would be if two or more people were making noise audible at a distance of at least 50 feet away. Assistant Police Chief Mike Reitan said the proposed ordinance is a way to help make apartment home owners responsible for tenants who are repeatedly reported for noise.

The ordinance was modeled after an existing one in Moorhead.

But, Mayor Rich Mattern and Commissioners Mark Simmons and Mike Thorstad said they weren’t comfortable with the ordinance as it was written on Monday night.

Mattern said the ordinance as a whole, and giving an officer a wide amount of discretion to determine a violation seems highly subjective.

“I’m not really comfortable with this at all,” Simmons said.

The commission asked the ordinance be redrafted and tabled a motion to approve it on Monday night.