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Cool beans in Horace

Andrew Kuipers of Oakes, N.D., started both racing and growing his mullet about a year ago, which inspired the name for his mud-running team, the “Mullet Mudders.” Kuipers raced during Horace Bean Days on Saturday. Nick Wagner

HORACE, N.D. – For 14 years, the town of Horace has been celebrating the almighty bean.

Last weekend, Horace Bean Days packed the town with participants drawn to its pancake feed, trap shoots, disc golf, run/walk races, parades, craft show and flea market, bingo, mud run and street dance.

The celebration still draws a good crowd, but volunteers to help organize and run it are becoming scarce, said Deanna Savageau, event organizer.

In 2002, the event made the Guinness Book of World Records for serving up the biggest pot of beans.

The pot, a converted metal dairy cooler, held 350 gallons of donated Bush’s Baked Beans, stirred with two boat oars.

Why beans?

“I think it’s because so many soybeans have been grown in our area,” said Savageau.

“We usually average about 1,500 people at the mud run and at the dance,” she said.

Beans aren’t served at the event.

“We used to have a bean cookoff, but nobody’s interested in participating, so we had to quit that,” Savageau said.

She has about six volunteers that help organize the event and recruits friends and family to work the gate, she said.

“It’s a lot of work,” she said. “I enjoy it. But it’s getting to the point if we don’t get more volunteers to help we might not be doing it anymore.”