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Evangelism team promotes 'pigs for pastors'

The Evangelism Team of Faith Lutheran and Journey in Faith has taken giving to new level by incorporating pigs into their contribution to pastors.

October was Pastor Appreciation Month in the English Church of America and a congregation always struggles in deciding how to show their appreciation to the pastors of a church. A solution came via a booklet entitled "ELCA Good Gifts," that suggested how for a small amount of money you could purchase trees, school supplies, shoes, mosquito netting and even a pig for an impoverished family, with the latter ultimately selected.

During October, cards of appreciation were given by congregation members along with a donation into their own "piggy banks" located at the church. Enough money was raised to purchase nine pigs to honor the four clergy: Pastors Peter Schmidt, Richard Kramer, Judy Holmen, and Steve Nowiki. The pigs will go to families that will raise them, and then sell them at market, using the resources to better their lives. As the pigs are being raised, they will even provide needed fertilizer to the depleted land.

The pastors found these gifts to be the best that they had received in a long time.

To learn more about "Good Gifts," contact their headquarters at (800-638-3522) or Faith Lutheran/Journey in Faith at (262-3309).