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Exchange Club makes donation to RACC

West Fargo Exchange Club President Jake Lauritsen presented a $3,000 donation on behalf of the club to Lynn Speral, RACC director of development. Submitted photo

West Fargo Exchange Club members have long been supporters of the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center for their work with families and children who have been subjected to domestic violence and child abuse. One of the four key programs of the Exchange Club nationally is the Prevention of Child Abuse which is also a large part of the West Fargo effort.

On that note, West Fargo Exchange Club President Jake Lauritsen made a $3,000 donation on behalf of the group in support of the RACC programs to Lynn Speral, RACC Director of Development, during the center's annual Kids Are Our Business Breakfast, held at the Fargo Holiday Inn, April 27.

The West Fargo Exchange Club's support of the RACC correlates with other programs they support in the Prevention of Child Abuse area, including providing the West Fargo school system with Real Care Babies to help teach the important role of being a good parent. They also provide the community access to the use of a Shaken Baby Doll which has all of the electronics to show the impact of shaking a baby. This doll has been used by organizations in the community for training babysitters, by showing the impact of this preventable act.

Lauritsen said the presentation to RACC"was a bitter-sweet experience for me. Representing the West Fargo Exchange Club and presenting such a significant donation was a fantastic honor. Listening to the experiences of those who have been abused and knowing it is taking place in our community is a tough pill to swallow. We need to do more to make our communities aware of the abuse that is taking place and to do all we can to prevent it from happening."

Any group or organization within the community wishing to use the Shaken Baby Doll for any of their programs to help spread the message against child abuse is encouraged to do so by contacting Lauritsen at 701-235-0585.