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Exchange Club News (July 23)

Freedom shrine dedication

The West Fargo Exchange Club will be dedicating its Sixth Freedom Shrine at Liberty Middle School on July 29.

The Freedom Shrine is an impressive collection of 30 of the most important and historic American documents, including the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States and the Gettysburg Address.

The shrines show our nation’s youth the strength and courage of their forefathers by allowing them to read with their own immortal words of inspired Americans who so decisively changed the course of history.

Exchange Club would like to see a Freedom Shrine installed in every junior and senior high school in the nation.

Freedom Shrines have also found places of honor in universities, libraries, capitols, airports, city halls and other places where they can be studied and admired. The cost of each shrine is $875.

Ongoing Club Activates

The club delivers meals-on-wheels twice a week, Wednesday and Thursday.

The club also assists with government commodity distribution to low income citizens every other month.

Upcoming Events

The club will be assisting with West Fargo’s annual Night to Unite Aug. 5 at Elmwood Park in West Fargo.

The Exchange Club meets every Tuesday at noon at the West Fargo Speedway Event Center.

More information is available on their website at