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Horace earns $15k recycling grant from SC Johnson

The city of Horace was recently recognized amongst 49 other U.S. communities by taking third place in the SC Johnson Green Choices Recycling Challenge, and was awarded with a $15,000 grant for the city.

According to SC Johnson, Americans recycle roughly 37 percent of the waste they generate each day. In an attempt to curb this trend, the Green Choices Challenge was born, thanks to a partnership with Recyclebank.

Horace placed behind Lakes at Red Rock, Va., and Huntington Woods, Mich., in the contest. First prize was a $100,000 grant.

“I am very proud,” Horace mayor Shane Walock said. “A lot of people ask what needs to be done for recycling. Being an older city, it was kind of hard to get things started, but the younger people kept requesting it. It is quite the accomplishment for such a small city.”

The challenge took place throughout the last six months of 2012. Residents were encouraged to keep track of how much they recycled every time, and submit that amount each time to Recyclebank’s website.

“We did quite well considering the amount older people without computers in town,” Walock said. “Horace has a lot of garbage for its size, and recycling really reduces the landfill.”

To make the challenge fair for cities like Horace – with its roughly 2,400 residents – against larger U.S. communities, the challenge kept track of the percentage of recycled materials, as opposed to the actual amount.

Horace residents were able to recycle all materials (metal, paper, etc.) once a month throughout the challenge.

The city intends to use the grant on a green initiative, but has not specifically decided what that initiative will be.

Recyclebank is similar to a frequent flyer program, except members instead earn points for living a more sustainable lifestyle. Members can use those points to “shop” at Recyclebank for rewards such as discounts and deals from hundreds of reward partners in more than 10 categories including food and beverage, health, beauty, home, clothing, accessories and gifts.

More information on the challenge can be found at, as well as