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Insight from the West Fargo PD: Daytime burglaries hit West Fargo homes

Over the past several weeks West Fargo residents have experienced a number of day time burglaries. Most incidents have occurred either in an area south of Thirteenth Avenue or south of Interstate 94. Upscale homes are the most common target. Entry to some homes has been made through unlocked doors but in other cases the burglar has broken a window or forced open a door. Smaller items of value such as jewelry, cash and electronics have been the target of the thieves. The police department is examining available evidence and working with other law enforcement agencies to identify those responsible for the crimes.

The police department is also looking for your help. Be aware and report suspect activity in your neighborhood. Vehicles driving slowly through the area may be checking for activity around a particular home. Watch for individuals walking in the neighborhood who appear to be looking in windows. The individuals may approach a door and ring the doo bell or try the door to see if it is unlocked. The suspects may even walk through yards or around the home looking for a place for entry.

Report suspicious activity to the police as it is happening. Try to provide a description of the person as well as their clothing. Include the location where they were seen and their direction of travel. Note the color, type and license plate, if possible, of any vehicle that may be involved with the person. Make a report on strange occurrence that take place around your home. Foot prints leading up to windows and doors and the movement of ladders or other items that could be used for climbing could indicate someone attempting to enter your home. The sooner the police are alerted to the activity the better chance the suspects will be caught.

Make your home a less inviting target. Lock your doors even when you are home. Keep trees and bushes that are next to your home trimmed to remove areas of concealment. Do not leave overhead garage doors open to display items in the garage or to indicate you are not home. Know your neighbors so that you can better recognize people or vehicles that are out of place. Be that nosey neighbor who watches what is going on next door.

Consider purchasing a safe or lock box to store valuables and fasten the safe or lock box to the floor or wall to prevent them from being carried off. Photograph your valuables and record serial numbers to assist in recovery of the items if they are stolen. Keep receipts when possible. Receipts contain information that may be of value during an investigation and will assist you with your insurance claim.

Be alert for odd occurrences and odd behaviors of vehicles and people in your neighborhood. Report them early to allow the police department the best chance possible to locate the suspect. The police department would always prefer to investigate an incident and find it was nothing than to have a crime occur that could have been prevented.