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Java Pit Stop closes to make room for chain

The Java Pit Stop location in the Sunmart parking lot in West Fargo has closed. David Samson

Java Pit Stop, a popular coffee kiosk in the Sunmart parking lot in West Fargo, has closed after losing its lease.

Owner Angela Vojacek said she closed its doors on July 31, after 10 years of business.

“They kind of gave me a heads up in mid-May that they weren’t sure if they would renew my lease,” she said.

Vojacek was notified on June 30 that her lease would be terminated because Sunmart plans to put a Caribou coffee stand inside the grocery store.

Vojacek said that really surprised her after building a successful business and paying her lease for 10 years.

“If they were going to do something like that, why wouldn’t they put me inside? It doesn’t make much sense to me,” she said.

Sunmart’s West Fargo store manager referred questions to parent company, Spartan Nash, a wholesale grocery distributor.

Spartan Nash corporate communications did not respond to The Pioneer’s request for comment.

“It’s been a great business,” said Vojacek. “I have been growing every year. I would have never left there.”

Vojacek, who employed four part-time workers, said she does not have plans to reopen. “It’s really hard to find another location where I can place another building,” she said.

Carrie Scarr was a frequent customer of Java Pit Stop.

“I was really surprised. One day it was closed,” Scarr said.

“I always saw a steady line of cars when people were going to work” said Scarr. “The women that worked there were always chatty and fun. They always kind of brightened my day.”

Vojacek said her busiest time of day was from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.

“I pretty much know what everybody drinks,” she said. “I love what I do so much because of people I’ve met along the way.”