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Konschak named Community Relations Coordinator

Heather Konschak will be the Community Relations Coordinator for the West Fargo School District starting this upcoming school year. Carrie Snyder / West Fargo Pioneer

Heather Konschak, who is currently the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and the Board for the West Fargo Public School District, is set to become the district's Community Relations Coordinator as soon as a replacement for her current position is hired.

With this new position, Konschak will be responsible for developing a district wide communication strategy, both internal and external, and ensuring that information of the goings-on of the school district reaches the media and community.

"As the third largest district in North Dakota, this (position) is a key piece that we were missing. We want to be more open, honest, and transparent with our community, but there's so much going on that sometimes a story gets lost in the shuffle. Now, with this position, there will always be somebody whose job is to make sure that doesn't get lost. That's what I'm excited for. We have a lot of great staff and a lot of great students, and they do good things every day and we just need to get that information out there. It's good for our community to know what our kids and our teachers do besides just go to school."

In this new role, Konschak will also act a liaison between the Cass County Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and the School District, as well as monitor and maintain proper emergency preparedness practices throughout the district.

"We really haven't had someone in place that could be your crisis-control commander," Konschak said. "Now (in working with the county,) we can all be connected and hopefully trained together and know right away how we should respond to keep our kids and our staff safe."

She will also serve as liaison with the United Way and other charitable organizations with whom the district partners.

Konschak will also have a hand in adopting a "mustang" logo for the new Sheyenne High School, as well as a logo for the district as a whole.

Konschak believes that this new position will serve as a tremendous benefit to both the school board and the community.

"What excites me about this new position is the ability to focus on those things that I think are really going to have a strategic impact on what the school district does," Konschak said. "This is our opportunity to get our good story out there."

Despite her excitement, Konschak worries that her new position will not provide a stopping point.

"When Dr. Flowers (superintendent) interviewed me, he asked if there was anything that worried me about this position," Konschak said. "I said the ability to know when to quit, because there's always going to be more that you can do. Knowing that it is time to go home and I can pick it up tomorrow, that is what's going to be hard."

Konschak hopes to begin working in her new position by the time the school year starts.