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Lenten services begin at Faith Lutheran in West Fargo

Priority Mail - Letters to the Seven Churches will be the theme of the Lenten midweek services at Faith/Journey Lutheran Church, 127 2nd Ave. E., West Fargo. The series begins on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 13, at 6:30 p.m. and runs weekly through March 20 at the same time.

The book of Revelation begins with letters to seven particular churches in Asia Minor (now Turkey). These are actual postal letters that were circulated in the years following their creation in 90 AD, and are found in the first three chapters of Revelation. Though they were written so long ago, they have application today. The Book of Revelation has been scary and confusing to many people. Eccentric religious fanatics have read all kinds of foolishness into its verses. But it is basically a vision of hope: God is in charge of the world God made and sin is trying to destroy it.

Each week the sermons, prepared by the Rev. Peter Schmidt, will focus on one or two of the letters. All are welcome to attend. For more information about the series or about the ministry of Faith/Journey Lutheran Church, call the church office at 701-282-3309.