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Mayor's Musings: Fundraising focus of busy fall

It was a busy October in the Mattern household. Any of you that have children in some activity, such as sports, band, dance, etc., know that raising money is something that has to be done.

In our case, our daughter, Annie, is a member of the Packatahna JV dance team. So what does that mean about raising money? Glad you asked! I'll tell you what my weekends were like.

For starters, it meant two trips during October out to Valley City to make pizzas at Pizza Corner. My job was to cut big blocks of cheese so the pieces would fit into the shredder. Then there were two tours of duty selling concessions at the FargoDome during NDSU football games. I certainly learned a lot about food safety doing that. The people at the dome are sticklers on that. Good for them!

There also was a pancake feed fundraiser at the West Fargo VFW that we did one Sunday morning. And did I mention that we also were traffic supervisors during the mini-marathon and did a Halloween carnival? In some cases, we did two events during a weekend.

It was a lot of work but all the work gave us an opportunity to bond with the parents and dancers. Your feet will start to ache if you are not used to standing for six or seven hours at a time. I haven't heard, but I think we did okay in raising money, too.

For parents, there always are adventures in life. These adventures can range from raising money to, "Dad, my cell phone sucks, so can I get a new one?"

Adventures at Caterpillar

Speaking of adventures some people can have, Dan Walerius is the facilities manager at the Caterpillar Remanufacturing plant in West Fargo. The plant is going through a $50 million expansion and will be hiring many new people. Dan was instrumental in getting the go ahead from the company and working with the city and state to get it done. He also has been involved in the community through the years.

So I thought everything was going great when I received a note from Dan telling me that he was offered the facility manager role at Cat's Singapore facility and had accepted. Talk about a surprise, but what an adventure it will be for him and his family!

New culture, food, way of doing things, all sorts of things await as makes the move to Singapore. It was a privilege working with him and I wish him all the best. West Fargo is a better place because of his work through the years. Good luck Dan!

The West Fargo - Vikings?

Lastly, I want to briefly talk about the power of social media, especially Facebook. With all the new schools coming to West Fargo, I thought it would be fun to predict what the name of the team or the name of the new high school would be. There are so many people that have made West Fargo the great city it is. If the school board wants to name a school after someone, it has many choices.

That brings me to team names. I decided to ask my friends on Facebook for some ideas. Little did I know what the response would be like. I received many ideas and then found myself on a local radio show the next day to talk about it. Just another indication that social media is here to stay.

I received many replies that the team name should be Vikings so that the West Fargo Packers could play the West Fargo Vikings. However, my favorite response came from the person that said naming the team Vikings would be okay, but that he wanted to have a winning team. Now that I've aggravated every Minnesota Viking fan, I'll sign off.