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Mayor's Musings: Mother Nature going easy on city services

I hope all of you had a great holiday season. So far this winter, Mother Nature has decided to be very kind to us. Not having to shovel or blow a lot of snow has been great. My snow blower has this forlorn look sitting in the garage, but that doesn't bother me.

The weather also has been kind to the city. When comparing December/November of last year with the same time period this year, I've been told our savings have been more than $130,000, not including additional savings in heating and other cold-related costs. That certainly is good news and I'm thanking Mother Nature for her kindness.

However, don't forget that she wasn't quite so kind during the last Memorial Day weekend. The storm that came through demolished many trees, and city crews spent a great deal of time cleaning up after that mess. The West Fargo Park District alone lost some 300 trees.

There is a lot of winter left to go, and things could turn around rather quickly. Mother Nature has a habit of doing that. However, every beautiful winter day brings us one day closer to spring. Some have suggested that spring may not happen until May or June because of all this nice winter weather. I'm going to be on optimist and say that spring will come early this year (he says with his fingers crossed).

You probably have heard in the news about the arrest and subsequent resigning of a West Fargo police officer. It wasn't pretty. However, I want you to know that some very good things have been happening at the police department. Here are a few examples:

Officer Eric Wiinanen received national VFW recognition as Veterans of Foreign Wars' National Law Enforcement Award for North Dakota. Sargent Jason Dura was promoted in the National Guard to Chief Master Sergeant, which is the highest enlisted rank that can be obtained in the Air Force.

Officer Todd Pearson was awarded the prestigious National School Resource Officer Practitioner Status, which indicates the highest level of commitment. There are only 133 members that have achieved Practitioner Status in the country.

Rhonda Jorgensen was selected West Fargo Police Department employee of the year and Mike Reitan, assistant chief, was given the prestigious Book of Golden Deeds award by the West Fargo Exchange Club.

The list of what the West Fargo police department has accomplished through the years is long and distinguished. As I often say, our police department is second to none. I am proud of the department and I hope you are as well.

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