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News from the Nest: Early bird catches the infomercial

My son is an early bird. Each morning we usually have to pry my daughter out of bed just before we leave, but not my son. He usually wakes up around 6:45 a.m. when I'm in the shower and goes to the living room to watch TV.

The other morning was no different, other than he was quite intrigued with the show that came on. Usually he tries to flip through channels or remember which numbers he has to press to find cartoons. However, on this specific morning an infomercial was on the channel that was set from the night before.

As soon as I got out of the shower my son yelled at me "Mom! Come here quick!" Of course I thought something was wrong so I scrambled out of the bathroom to the living room, afraid of what I would see. There was my son standing in awe at the television which had a man painting a wall with a hand-held machine. "Look Mom! You don't even have to use a brush!" he exclaimed.

I took a big breath, realizing that he was wound up about the infomercial and replied, not quite as enthused as he, "Wow, that's cool buddy." Then I returned to my morning routine in the bathroom. Not even two minutes later I heard him yell to me, "Mom it's only thirty three dollars and thirty-three cents! Can we get it Mom?" By this point, I tried to ignore his request. He was so enthralled with the demonstrations on the show, that I don't think he realized I didn't answer his purchase request.

As I walked past the living room to the kitchen for breakfast he turned to me once again. "Look Mom," he said, "look how much stuff comes with it!" I turned to the screen and, sure enough, they displayed all the accessories that came with the painting machine and, of course, if we bought now we could get two of each.

The final straw for him was when they showed a seven-year-old boy painting his tree house. "Mom, I could paint my tree house just like he is! I want to paint it green!" he exclaimed. Hook, line and sinker; my little guy totally took the bait.

Luckily, I was able to convince my son that we didn't need the "fancy" paint machine. After telling my husband the story later in the day, he reminded me that he went through an infomercial phase, too. He has a custom Vikings jersey with his favorite number and last name to prove it, and if I recall our Magic Bullet was a result of him being mesmerized by an infomercial.

Note to self: hide credit cards when husband and son are left alone watching television.