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Over 140 arrested after armed eviction of pipeline protest site

News from the Nest: Fairy tale football

Like many wives during this time of year I hear my husband talk a lot about fantasy football. My own mother calls it "fairy tale" football. She referred to it once this way by accident, now it just rolls off our tongue whenever we talk about the subject. She wasn't too off really; I mean there isn't much difference between fantasy and fairy tale. Neither is supposed to be reality. In fact, it could be compared to my daughter playing house with her babies, it's all make believe, just like all these guys who pretend to be a coach. This has caused another issue in my household. 

See when my husband is home watching football he often refers to "his" quarterback, "his" wide receiver, "his" defense, you name it. Then he will tell me which of his buddies he is winning or losing to. My son hears this and truly believes his Dad is a coach!  Okay all you fairy tale football guys, a REAL coach. 

To top it off my hubby has season tickets to the Vikings. So my kids and I will watch the game on TV and the kids know Daddy is there. My daughter even saw a coach on the television that slightly resembled my husband and said "Look! There's Daddy!" Little do they realize he is seated in the nosebleed upper deck, not quite the sidelines.

I suppose there isn't much harm in the kids thinking their dad is a professional football head coach. As long as they don't expect too much on "bring your kid to work day."