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News from the Nest: A five-year-old's weather excitement

Being a parent brings a whole new dimension to bad weather. In the past, my husband would never have gone down into the basement unless he saw a twister 10 feet from our house. Every warning siren he heard was just another false scare to him. But now with two little ones to watch over he is slightly more responsible.

As soon as I heard the sirens during last week's storms, which was a miracle considering we live a few miles out of town, we each busted through the kids' bedroom doors, grabbed them and quickly went downstairs to our laundry room.

As we turned on the radio, my husband decided we had at least 5 minutes before the tornado would reach us so he went back upstairs to use the restroom and grab pillows and blankets. Apparently his inner-radar knew exactly where the storm was.

My 5-year-old was almost giddy with excitement. All of a sudden a normal Monday night turned into a slumber party in our basement, how cool. We tried to get him to fall asleep but his eyes were big with curiosity. My husband and I made sure we remained calm so we didn't scare the kids.

We've talked about storms before and this wasn't his first tornado siren. He told us about how tornados can "scoop you up" but didn't show one ounce of fear as we lay on the cold cement floor in our basement.

After telling us everything he knew about storms and tornados I thought he had finally faded back to sleep. Then he popped up and said, "Mom, it's a good thing we are down here cuz now you can do laundry!"

"Ha! I don't think so Buddy!" I responded. Laundry was the LAST thing on my mind at two o'clock in the morning. But apparently since I had been complaining during the evening that I had a lot of laundry to do, he figured this was the opportune time. I suppose he was right, after all we were already down there, but I decided household chores are meant for daylight hours, so the laundry would have to wait until tomorrow.