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News from the Nest: Kindergarten nutrition

I've always been a little strict on what my kids eat as far as food. Vegetables are a part of every meal and my kids usually enjoy eating them, sometimes covered in Ranch, but still. And snacks usually consist of apples, crackers and cheese or yogurt.

Now that my son is in kindergarten he has been learning more about making good food choices in both his classroom and health class. This newfound knowledge my son has from kindergarten has increased his awareness of what he eats, as well as what others eat.

This past weekend my husband was apparently craving a coffee and donut from town. He didn't share this with me but instead just informed me that he and our son were going for a drive. When they returned only twenty-five minutes later (takes almost 10 minutes to get to town from our house) I asked what they did and saw the coffee cup in his hand and hot chocolate in my son's.

My husband told me they had gone to a gas station and our son said to him "coffee, hot chocolate and donuts are not a very healthy breakfast Dad." I can just hear my husband's response "well Buddy if you want to pick out a banana you can but today Dad's gonna have a donut." Of course our son still had the treat; he is a kid after all!

Each day after school my son hangs out with me at our office. I try to keep a stock pile of snacks for him as he is always hungry by mid afternoon. One day he asked for a snack and I told him all we had were granola bars. He picked one out and ate it. A few minutes later he said he was still hungry and I told him he could have another if he wanted. They are fairly healthy and only 90 calories each so I figured it wasn't a big deal. His response was "I want a healthy snack this time Mom. Do we have any fruit or apple sauce?" Who is this child anyway?

One minute he'll tell me that chocolate milk is not good for you, the next minute he is begging for a carton at the gas station. He tells me sugar isn't healthy and then asks for a piece of candy. I guess he's like the rest of us really, he knows the difference between good and bad food, but doesn't always have will power to make the right choices.