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News from the Nest: Lessons learned from Sunday school

Every Sunday I teach my son's kindergarten Sunday School class. Before we begin our lesson the students go to a different room and have their music time with another parent/teacher volunteer. I often stay in our classroom and finish up planning for the lesson and activity of the day.

As we were at home getting ready this past Sunday I was reading my syllabus and realized the students would be singing during the church service. We had missed a few Sundays for out of town trips and I was concerned my son wouldn't remember the song. I asked him "do you have any idea what song you'll be singing in church today?" He replied "yep, the 10 commandments song!" Whew, at least he knew what was going on!

Our class time went as normal with our lesson and activity. Then the kids marched out of the room to practice once more before their big performance in front of the congregation. I cleaned up my room, returned supplies and brought my daughter into the sanctuary to sit with my husband, her aunt, uncle and cousins. Then I went back to where the kindergartens through 4th graders were lined up to help with "crowd control." The energy amongst the kids was awesome. They were so excited to sing and it was very difficult for them to keep quiet in the hall outside the sanctuary.

Finally it was time and they marched up on to the steps in front of the alter. The kids were smiling from ear to ear and the congregation was scouting the group to find their performer. Then the song began. It was fast, long and full of energy. The kids did an amazing job remembering the words and actions. The two music directors were kneeling in front trying to mouth the words so the kids could remember as well as perform the actions for the students to follow.

Seeing it for the first time I was in awe of how much they had learned and remembered! The song intertwined all 10 commandments as well as a very catchy refrain. Everyone loved it and the crowd cheered as the song ended. Beaming kids then found their proud parents and the service continued.

That night my husband asked our son if he could sing him the song again. Unfortunately the only commandment our son could remember from the song was number 7. He sang "number 7 is heaven but only with your husband or wife." Then he said to his dad, "but I don't really know what that means Dad." I wasn't there but my husband said he gave a quick explanation of how he loves me as his one and only wife.

I don't blame our music directors for picking the song, but one wouldn't think the first talk regarding the birds and the bees would stem from a song at Sunday School.

All I could think of was out of all 10 commandments and that's the one he remembered? So much for not telling a lie, respecting your parents, not stealing or having only one God. And so it continues...