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News From The Nest: Memories are to be cherished for rest of time

By Stephanie Lauritsen

Like many people I’ve talked to recently, I’m just not sure where the month of January went. I feel like Christmas was four days ago and although I’m certain we did actually have January 2013, it went by so fast. Life goes by fast and kids grow up fast.

Every time I talk with friends who have children in their teens or older they remind me to cherish these days when my kids are still young. I’m nervous that one day my kids will be graduating from college and starting their own families and I won’t be able to remember what life was like when they were little.

So to preserve those simple memories I like to write them down. I’m honored I get to share my memories with you. More importantly, I hope reading my family memories inspires you to write down some of your own memories. Whether your kids or grandkids are young or old, let’s remember those moments that warm our hearts and we can cherish for the rest of time. Here are some of my recent heartwarming memories.

After a busy day of work, then gymnastics and hockey I was exhausted when we finally got home. My son informed me, “I’m going to take a quick shower and you get your cuddle-clothes on Mom. After I shower we’ll cuddle.”

My daughter was having a rough day. Nothing was going right from the way her socks were falling down in her boots to the snarls we were trying to get out of her hair. With a tear stained face she crawled up in my lap and asked “Mommy, can I hold you?”

Our kids are three years apart and definitely have their own taste in toys and games, yet oddly they usually play together. My son likes to pretend they are hunting. So he will tell his little sister to go get her hunting clothes on. A few minutes later she’ll come out in a pink skirt, green leggings, purple sparkly shirt with her princess wand and Dora backpack. She’ll proudly exclaim “I’m ready to hunt!” The big brother sighs in disappointment that she didn’t put on her new pink camouflage sweatshirt he picked out for Christmas, but doesn’t complain and the hunt begins.

Every day our son comes to our office after school. After his first grade homework is finished, which usually takes about 45 seconds, then he entertains himself by reading, writing, playing games or creating things. Sometimes he writes my husband and I notes. One day I had been on the phone with a company for quite a while and was clearly frustrated. While I was talking to a representative he put a note in front of me that said “you are doing a great job Mom.”

I like to drill my daughter with questions about her day. I want to know who she played with, what her favorite station at daycare is, what she had for lunch and the daily-lingering question, whether or not she took a nap. One day we were talking a lot and I asked her what her most favorite thing to do was. She answered “when my big brother wants to play with me.”

My daughter gets up a lot in the middle of the night. Sometimes she has to use the bathroom, sometimes she just wants us to give her a hug, and usually she’ll go right back to sleep. However one night I woke and she was sleeping right next to me. I’m not quite sure how she got in without waking me or how she managed to get my arm wrapped around her. Once I finally woke up I carried her back to her own bed. In the morning I asked her if she remembered snuggling with me in bed and she grinned and said “I sneaked into bed with you.” I must say it was a nice surprise to wake up to with her warm little body snuggled into mine. But please don’t tell her as I don’t need this to become an every night occurrence!