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News from the Nest: The tough life of a toddler

It's rough being a toddler. Our daughter turned two in August, and since I've tried to more closely observe her actions and figure out what she must be thinking. Here's what I think my daughter is saying to me...

I know what I want but I can't figure out how to tell you, so I'm just going to cry and scream until you figure it out.

You want me to be more independent but then when I try to do something you are always telling me to "be careful" or "don't spill" or "no climbing on the table." Make up your mind lady!

You are constantly asking if I have to go to the bathroom and I just want to say "back off people! I don't have to go right now." But then two minutes later I realize that I already went and now I want you to please change me, IMMEDIATELY.

Here's the deal. I'm always hungry, just not for what you make me, unless it's pizza or spaghetti, of course.

Why is this boy who is only three years older than me constantly telling me what to do, say or play? Well, I guess he is more fun than you old people.

I'm tired of drinking out of sippy cups, just let me use the big glass please? Okay, thanks. Now can you change me again cuz I spilled all over my shirt.

I know I'm cute, alright? You don't need to put me in a dress and tights for that to be obvious. I just wanna wear sweats, who can run and play in those tights anyway?

Why do you always make me use crayons but my big brother gets to use markers? Oh yeah, now I remember, my shirt, hands and face are covered in marker. Can you change me, again?

Back to this cute thing. I know you think piggy tails are the best, but those rubber bands hurt really bad. Especially when I try to tear them out myself!

Why do you always get so upset when I take my shoes and socks off in the car? I mean, even for a five minute car ride it's nice to air out my toesies. (That one was directed to Daddy.)

You see, we all deal with challenges but next time life gets you down remember; at least you aren't a toddler. Now they've got it rough.