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News from the Nest: This is what it is all about

Ever since my husband and I started dating more than eight years ago, he has teased me about one of my favorite sayings: "this is what it's all about."

I have found the saying to be very versatile, and use it when I'm showing appreciation for something or as sarcasm when I'm disappointed.

For example, if I have a great meal that really pushes my taste buds to the limit, I'll say, "this is what it's all about." If we are on a pontoon in the middle of a lake on a perfect summer day, "this is what it's all about." I spend an evening reading a good book with a glass of wine, "this is what it's all about." Or, if I find myself disappointed in a highly praised movie my response may be "Really? This is what's it's all about?"

Having children gives even more meaning to this simple, overused phrase I like so much. Just last weekend, my two little ones crawled up on the couch with their daddy for naptime. As I watched the three of them lay there I thought to myself, "this is what it's all about."

Every morning, my son asks if he can go wake up his sister and she screeches with excitement each time he walks in the room, "this is what it's all about."

As many times as possible during the day I beg for hugs from my children, which they usually love to give in return. I ask my son to see how hard he can squeeze me just so I can feel that warmth and love and eternal bond that we have as he has his arms and legs tightly wrapped around my body. My little girl has started to learn how to do this, too. Her teeny, tiny arms go around my neck like a snug scarf, and I only wish I could literally wear her there all day long, to keep me warm and keep her close. Now "this is what it's all about."

Each one of us can fill in the blank of what "this" is in our own personal lives. I only hope everyone can feel as grateful as I do, with an abundance of "this's" to be thankful for.