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News from the Nest: A win-win situation for everyone

My husband recently took a three day trip to Texas to help his sister and her family move back to West Fargo. With summer activities in full swing I knew it would be a busy three days for just the kids and me at home but I was determined to make it a GOOD three days.

The very first evening with Dad away my son requested to watch Star Wars. We typically do not watch movies during the week so I quickly denied his request. His face went sour and I jumped at the chance to make a deal with my five-year-old. After all, if you have read any of my previous columns you may recall my parenting style is Bribery.

So in true Stephanie-fashion the deal was made. My son and I agreed that if he behaved well over the next two days, then on Friday night we would watch Star Wars. The good negotiator he has become, he then threw in popcorn and pop, saying those would be a great addition to movie night. I agreed and asked him what kind of pop he wanted, though I wouldn't purchase it until Friday in case he didn't hold up his end of the deal. After a few minutes of contemplating he decided his favorite pop was root beer, so root beer it would be.

The days went on and he behaved fairly well. A few instances occurred in which his attitude was headed south and I had to remind him about our Friday night deal. This of course worked as he remembered the movie and treats he would get and VOILA! He returned to his good manners.

On Friday morning my son reminded me about our movie night and I told him he still had to be good at daycare or the deal was off. He agreed and said I should talk to his teacher at the end of the day to make sure he listened. I was impressed by his request, at least he wasn't going to try and hide any naughtiness from me!

Shortly after I dropped my kiddos off at daycare I received a text from one of the staff members. This gal has babysat for us a few times and has gotten to know the kids really well. Apparently my son ran up to her as soon as he got to daycare and told her about our movie night plans. He told her that, and I quote, "tonight I get to drink beer and eat popcorn and watch Star Wars!" She of course thought it was hilarious and had to share with me. I quickly replied emphasizing the ROOT in root beer and asked her to please not call social services on me!

In the end, my son got what he wanted, but so did I. We had a great night watching Star Wars, eating popcorn and, of course, drinking ROOT beer.