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Osgood names students of the week

Star students for the week of May 21 have been announced at the Osgood Kindergarten Center, West Fargo. Classroom teachers select a student who has shown outstanding character education traits in their classroom/school setting for recognition that particular week.

They include: Kindergarten, Sam Wieland (Foley), Isabelle Markell (Gehrke), Breanna Christenson (Greening), Hannah Vetter (Kvamme), Hunter Lien (Weiser), Morgen Thomas (Kava), Ashlyn McCrory (Laudal), Karsen Smith (Stuart), Lydia Enzminger (Dardis), Caleb Duerr (Ahl), Emily Stennerson (Moran), Nora Kimpel (Schons), and Caleb Duerr (Swartz).

First grade: Jenniene Zink (Dahle), Madelyn Hustad (Mahar), Loghan Messmer (Markey), Jasmine Floding (Neisen), Breanna Triplett (Andersen), Nasaiah Prosser (McMahon), Parker Brekke (Rensch), and Joyli Kamaru (Tibbetts).