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Osgood students of the week (Nov. 2, 2011)

Star students for the week of Oct. 31, have been announced at the Osgood Kindergarten Center, West Fargo. Each week, classroom teachers select a student who has shown outstanding character education traits in their classroom/school setting for recognition:

Those students and their classroom teacher are:

Preschool: Lily Henshel.

Kindergarten: Hadley Sletmoe (Foley); Chase Gladue (Gehrke); Alex LeBaron (Greening); Asher Kranz (Kvamme); Hannah Stevermer (Weiser); Mika Wadeson (Kava); Harper Sauby (Laudal); Heath Eder (Stuart); Brynn Bishop (Dardis); Mariah Clute (Ahl); Kate Nahvi (Moran); Caden Fischer (Schons); Caleb Duerr (Swartz);

First grade: Jayden Rogen (Dahle); Dylan Beyl (Mahar); Kaden Armstrong (Markey); Josie Hilkemann (Neisen); Jeremiah Toller (Anderson); Drew Sperle (McMahon); Hailey Jaeger (Rensch); Reese Sheldon (Tibbetts).