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Packer Weekly: Fremsted enters proud to be a Packer

By Bailey Johnson

First year West Fargo Principal Jennifer Fremsted sits in her new office bursting with excitement, thinking about the new school year ahead. She can’t hold back raving about the next nine months.

“Everyone knew that I wanted to become a higher rank principal and West Fargo was the only one that I applied for because [West Fargo] has a tradition of being a great school,” new principal, Doctor Fremsted said with a smile. Fremsted was an assistant principal at Fargo South High School, but last year applied for a job as the head principal at West Fargo after eight years at South as an assistant. In doing so she was accepted and welcomed into the district starting July 1 of last summer.

When asked why she wanted to apply at West Fargo, she plainly says she has always had a fascination with how much school spirit West Fargo High School has. Not only is Fremsted enthusiastic for the new school year but also administrative assistant Sara Keller explains how she is an excellent leader in our school.

“I think that she [Fremsted] is a great asset to our school. She comes with a very positive and warm attitude toward the staff and students,” Keller said.

So far there have been no immediate changes in rules and regulations of the school, and according to Fremsted she believes that Gary Clark, retired principal, did an excellent job. But there are certain expectations she has for the students individually and as a whole.

“I do not believe in rules but I most definitely believe in expectations. I do want to improve on student learning and there is no doubt that we will not accomplish it. I also believe that we should all respect one another, after all we are a community and to succeed we need to all be courteous to one another and have the same goals and expectations,” Fremsted said.

Fremsted will continue to bring a new atmosphere to West Fargo high and sustain the tradition and spirit that seems to linger in every student and every hallway.

“I have one word to sum up how I feel about being a Packer,” Fremsted said. “That word is proud.”

(Editors note: As part of a cooperative effort with the West Fargo High School journalism staff, this weekly column featured in the West Fargo Pioneer and West Fargo News will provide additional insight into a variety of school happenings. The articles will be authored by members of the journalism class, who selected The Packer Weekly as the fitting moniker.)