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The Packer Weekly: Holland expands his passion for film

Senior Mike Holland was only in fifth grade when he was inspired by YouTubers such as ‘razmiga’ and ‘Indy Mogul.’ He started to create videos of his own, along with his friend, junior Seth Nordstrom. Their first videos consisted of a series called ‘the M/S show,’ which they produced to reduce their boredom. Since then, Holland has begun to take filming more seriously.

“There is a new show I watch every week called ‘Film Riot,’ and they dissect film and teach you how to do things and I found a passion for it,” Holland said.

Nordstrom has starred in and helped Holland plan videos for about seven years and recognizes his effort more and more each time.

“[We] have to plan it out and [act] in it, so it’s a lot of hard work and dedication.” Nordstrom said. “I’m pretty impressed with [his directing and filming] because I’d never be able to do stuff like that. [He] likes to be organized and do everything right away and right on task.”

After making several videos for friends, Holland has been asked to make videos by various teachers and students. He has participated in a few video contests, including Junior Bankboard, which his group and him received $75 in gift cards for. One of his recent projects included making a video for Fill the Dome, for a TV spot.

“I had just bought a new camera and learned everything about it all at once and I just thought it was cool because they came to me and kind of just left it to me,” Holland said.

2013 State Student Council President and Fargo South High School senior Cody Hassler helped lead the Fill the Dome Committee, and they decided that Holland’s video skills would be a good contribution to promoting the event.

“We pitched Mike our idea and let him use his creativity in making the video,” Hassler said. “[The] end product was remarkable. Mike is a true talent when it comes to putting together videos like the ones he did for Fill the Dome. I was very impressed with the timely matter in which he finished them as well.”

Holland has uploaded 13 videos to his channel, “mchollandred,” and the content has varied in each, but he has stuck to the main purpose of advertising.

“[Most] of the things we’ve done are to advertise something and I’ve grown used to that so I kind of know how to plan it and get people excited about something,” Holland said.

For a typical video, Holland usually finds time to plan out the video in school. He spends a couple of hours of filming, and almost an equal amount of time editing the video.

“My favorite thing about filming is doing special effects, so usually I will center a whole video around a special effect,” Holland said, “Like in one with Cole [Bachmeier], we had this idea where he should punch through the wall, and so then we made the story.”

Holland has considered continuing with creating films on YouTube, he does not plan on making a career of it. However, he said he might continue to make advertisements in the future for himself or anyone who asks. If anyone is interested in working with Holland on a video, contact

“The cool thing is if I ever needed ads or if someone like my dad did for The Prescription Shop I could create one for him,” Holland said. “If I could continue to do it as a hobby, or use it when I start my own company to advertise, I would.”

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