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Packer Weekly: Innovation Hour generates change

By Brittany Rheault

A new school-wide experience began Wednesday as students gathered during second period to meet with the randomly selected members of their groups, collaborating to form a project to help the school and community. The project is named ‘Innovation Hour’ and is headed by the Asset Team. This type of project is entirely new to West Fargo.

“The basic idea of Innovation Hour is to empower students and to create more of an autonomist relationship with the school,” Asset Team adviser, Shawn Krinke, said.

Krinke states that the idea came about when the administration was discussing ideas in regards to the new schedule last year. They approached the Asset Team and granted them free rein to figure out what to do with a set amount of time every other week to get the students involved. The students will meet for 50 minutes every other week to formulate a project and execute it in December.

“Innovation hour is going to be beneficial to our school because it is going to allow the students to engage their imagination and creative skills which can sometimes be limited in school,” senior Asset Team member, Morgan Senger, said. “Not only is it going to get students to think out of the box with how they can use their interests and the interests of others to give back to our community, but it’s also going to contribute to a culture change within our school, which I think everyone wants.”

The group of students, consisting from roughly eight to ten students, are lead by a student leader in their meetings, making the project entirely student run. Krinke states that he is hoping for an overwhelmingly positive response from the students.

“I think innovation hour will be a good chance to meet new people and help the community,” senior Kaitlin Langerud said after reflecting on the first meeting. “I am excited for it because I have a busy schedule so it is hard for me to go out and do community service, so it will give me a chance to help serve my community. Overall, it will be a positive change to West Fargo and our community.”

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