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Poetry contest winner still possesses special gift

Felicia Borslien

Felicia Borslien has a great love of poetry writing and has taken it to a whole new level.

Creative Communication, a company headquartered in Logan, Utah, has focused on recognition of student writers for more than 18 years. In 2009 Felicia submitted a poem titled "The Flyer," which was published in Creative Communication's 2009 hardbound anthology "A Celebration of Poets."

This past spring Felicia submitted a poem titled "Sitting in Your Lap." Her work was once again selected for publication. The acceptance letter praised her efforts, stating that her poem "was selected as one of high merit" for the publication.

Creative's submission criteria included that poems be original and not be longer than 21 lines. Entrants competed in four divisions, with 10 winners in each division. Felicia was a freshman at Sheyenne 9th Grade Center in the spring so her poem was judged in the grades 7-9 category. Felicia is a sophomore this fall at West Fargo High School.

Felicia has also been invited to serve as a final judge for the poetry contest, offering her expertise on which students should be the recipients of more than $2,000 in prizes. Her poem also remains in the final competition and she could still win a final award in the contest.

Felicia has been supported in this endeavor by her parents, Tony and Rose, and her older sister Erika. They are all proud of her accomplishments. Felicia has a special gift when it comes to writing poetry. She can be inspired by what she sees or by current events.

She was inspired to write her winning poem by the July 2011 death of her grandfather, Gilmore Borslien. Felicia was eating breakfast the day after he passed away and just started writing. Her mother said, "The words flowed out and came together beautifully and effortlessly." Felicia showed the poem to her grandmother, Emma Borslien, who decided to include the poem in the funeral program.

Felicia's other grandfather, Raymond Opperud, passed away six months later in January 2012. Her grandmother Gladys Opperud wanted the same poem printed in his funeral program. It is a poem that all children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren can relate to when they have lost that special male figure in their life.

Only a limited number of the "A Celebration of Poets" anthologies will be printed. Felicia is pleased and excited to be selected for inclusion in the spring 2012 collection.

Felicia possesses an array of other creative abilities. She enjoys singing, playing the violin and piano, loves to read Shakespeare and other writers from the 1800s, and enjoys operas and musicals. She also writes books and short stories. Felicia has several notebooks filled with poems and stories that she wants to see in print. She is currently searching for the right publisher to assist her.

Her original poem that will be featured in the publication is shared below:

Sitting in Your Lap

Felicia Nissa Borslien

You had a chair

That only you could sit

And would sometimes hold us

In your lap...

I called you Grandpa

Like every grandchild should.

For a Grandpa is a Pa who is very, very Grand...

That chair you had

Is now so empty

But that does not hold back

The memories of sitting in your lap...

You are very far away now

And even though that cannot change,

You will always be my


Forever and ever.