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Watch: Officers establish position on Highway 1806 in clash with protesters, plan to hold ground

Purchase West Fargo Pioneer at a store near you

Once only available to subscribers and as an insert in the Fargo Forum, eager readers now can get their fill of West Fargo news conveniently, while they're stopping for groceries, or maybe filling up with gasoline.

On newsstands since Feb. 3, the Pioneer is available at several West Fargo and Fargo locations.

West Fargo locations include: Stop-N-Go, 204 42nd St and 524 Sheyenne St; Petro Serve Cenex, 238 W. Main Ave; Sandy's Donuts, 301 W. Main Ave; Dan's Oil, 413 W. Main Ave; Sooper Stop, 620 Sheyenne St; West Fargo Sunmart, 1100 13th Ave E; and All-Stop, 950 13th Ave. E.

Fargo locations include: Stop-N-G0, 204 42nd St, 4301 13th Ave and 2401 45th St; Hornbacher's-Village West, 4101 13th Ave. S; Cheetah Mart, 4554 Brandt Drive; and Hornbacher's Osgood, 4151 45th St. S.

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