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Woman riding bicycle killed in crash with SUV northwest of Fargo

Reitan: Parking regulation reminders

One of the tasks assigned to the West Fargo Police Department is the enforcement of parking regulations.

Parking regulations are typically enacted to promote the safety of the public and to ensure the proper flow of traffic. Highlighted below are the most often violated sections of the West Fargo parking ordinances.

Cul-de-sacs have increased as part of the development of many newer neighborhoods. A common parking violation occurs when a vehicle is parked in the center of the cul-de-sac. Vehicles parked upon the roadway must be parked within 18 inches of the curb as noted in Ordinance 13-1601. 13-1601. Parallel parking and diagonal parking: The owner, driver or person operating or in charge of any vehicle shall not permit the same to stand or be parked upon any street where there are adjacent curbs unless such vehicle is parallel with the street and the inside wheels not to exceed 18 inches from the right-hand curb or street line.

Public safety dictates a number of locations where parking is to be prohibited. Parking is prohibited in additional areas to afford access for certain services.

13-1603. Stopping, parking or standing prohibited in certain areas: No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic and in compliance with the law or the direction of a police officer or traffic control device, in any of the following places: On a sidewalk; within an intersection; in front of a public or private driveway; within 10 feet of a fire hydrant; on a crosswalk; within 10 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection, except on through streets where it shall not be within 20 feet of a crosswalk; within 20 feet upon the approach to any flashing beacon, stop sign or traffic-control signal located at the side of the roadway; at any place where official signs prohibit stopping; within 15 feet of a U.S. Postal Service mailbox between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Parking regulations were enacted to deter the long term on-street storage of occasionally used vehicles.

13-1608. Parking of recreational vehicles, recreational equipment and recreational trailers: No recreational vehicle, recreational equipment or recreational trailer may be parked upon any street, boulevard or alley within a residentially zoned district for a period exceeding 72 hours. To utilize the roadway to sell a vehicle or to perform non-emergency repairs is also prohibited.

13-1614. Parking for certain purposes prohibited: No person shall park a vehicle upon a roadway for the principal purpose of: displaying such vehicle for sale; washing, greasing or repairing such vehicle except repairs necessitated by an emergency. Fluids leaking from a vehicle under repair can cause damage to roadway surfaces. Such activity can also expose the person to being struck by another motorist. Locations along the city bus route have been established as passenger pick-up locations. Signs are posted at the designated passenger pick-up and drop off locations.

13-1617. Restricted use of bus and taxi cab stands: No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle other than a bus in a bus stop or other than a taxi cab in a taxi cab stand when any such stop or stand has been officially designated and appropriately assigned except that the driver of a passenger vehicle may temporarily stop therein for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading passengers when such stopping does not interfere with any bus.

To promote the safety of pedestrian travelers, parking is prohibited upon sidewalks and boulevards within the city of West Fargo. This prohibition includes the area where a sidewalk bisects a private or public driveway. A vehicle parked in violation of the ordinance may cause a pedestrian to be hidden from the view of a driver entering or leaving a driveway area.

13-1620. Parking prohibited on sidewalks or boulevards: No person shall stop, stand or park any automobile, truck or other vehicle, whether attended or unattended, on a sidewalk or on any boulevard or berm between the sidewalk and the roadway in the City of West Fargo.

Parking regulations may be lifted on a temporary basis by the Police Department or West Fargo Public Works under certain conditions. All requests will be considered. If you have questions please contact the West Fargo Police at 433-5500 or West Fargo Public Works at 433-5400.