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Students to participate in all-state festival

Several West Fargo music students were selected to the All-State Music Festival which will take place March 28 to 30, in Bismarck.

They include: Mixed Choir, Katie Dauwen, Alicia Schroeder, Alyssa Scott, Cody Schill, Jordan Degerness, Mitchell Krauter, Blake Morrow, Ryan Olien, Michael Olson, and Chris Taylor; Women's Choir, Danielle Davila and Katherine Goulet; Jazz Choir, Abbey Immer; Orchestra, Megan Broton; Band, Theresa Schlangen, Evan Thostenson, Catharine Vetter, Wendy Sun, Nathan Peterson, Justine Skauge, Jodi Stende, Walker Degerness, and Briana Hartog - alternate.