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Trip to farmer's market jackpot venture

My kids and I have grown fond of the farmer's market just South of Elmwood Park. This past Monday we decided to stop again. On the way my son had grabbed my bottle of water and downed the last little bit. His sister was not happy. She was so upset in fact that she wanted to skip the farmer's market and go straight home for cold water. That's what playing outside in 90 degree weather does to a 3 year old! But instead I convinced her that we would go to the market, just briefly, and then get her home to quench her thirst.

As we pulled up into the parking lot I quickly thought of the produce in my refrigerator at home. My mom had given me about two dozen cucumbers, my father-in-law gave me a large bag of green beans and some frozen squash and I had two pints of tomatoes leftover from the weekend. Hmm. Maybe we didn't really need any produce from the market. But since we were there I figured it wouldn't hurt to look.

Once out of the van we spotted a little boy with a lemonade stand. Jackpot! My daughter was so excited as I took out four quarters for the kids to each have their own glass. Now I knew the trip would be much more tolerable for her, and for me.

We started to walk down the line of vendors and my nose could smell bread. Okay, we were outside and it's not like they were baking it right there but I have a nose for bread.

Immediately I darted over to the first bread vendor who offered each of the kids a half cookie as a sample. I purchased a loaf of bread and a seven-layer bar for my husband. Maybe then he won't give me grief for the price of the bread!

The next vendor was selling even more bread! And not just any bread but mozzarella - basil bread. My mouth was watering as the lady gave me a sample. Could it get any better? The only thing better than bread is Italian bread dunked in spaghetti sauce. I was in heaven and bought two loaves, as it was a better deal of course.

Finally we strode past the produce farmers, my arms already full with bags of bread and my cash on hand almost gone. I talked to each one briefly and felt guilty as I informed them that I was currently already stocked up on vegetables, but appreciated the look and smell of their pickings.

As we were heading back to the van my son caught a glimpse of the cinnamon roasted almonds stand and begged me for some money to buy a bag. We know the owner and all enjoy the sweet treat, so of course I handed him the bills and with a big smile, still covered in chocolate from his cookie, he purchased a snack bag. She kindly gave us a second empty bag so he could share with his little sister and we all marched back to the van.

When we were finally buckled in ready to drive away I said to my daughter, "Now aren't you glad we went to the farmer's market?" Her response went something like "Yeah, Mom! We got a cookie, lemonade, candy almonds and you got a bunch of yummy bread. I like what the farmers made today!" Oh my, I thought. I sure hope my little girl doesn't ask a local bean or corn farmer when he will be baking cookies and making candy almonds next!