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(Bismarck, ND) - This spring, you may experience flooding in your area. After suffering damages caused by flooding, it may be instinctive to immediately begin the cleanup process. The North Dakota State Electrical Board cautions North Dakotans when dealing with water-damaged electrical equipment. If your electrical wiring or equipment (breaker panel or fuse box) has been submerged in water due to the recent flooding, owner should call the power supplier to turn off power immediately. Do not attempt to pump water from the building when the electricity is on because you will be subject to electrical shock. If water has naturally drained away from the area where the electrical equipment (breaker panel) has been submerged, the electrical system is still not safe. Flood waters can cause corrosion and sediment and other contaminants can be lodged in the equipment.

We are urging citizens to contact a North Dakota licensed electrical contractor to disconnect all electrical wiring and equipment that has been submerged in water and to install temporary panels if the main electrical panel has water damage. Once the work has been done, the electrical contractor will issue an electrical wiring certificate to the power supplier certifying that the electrical system is safe to energize.

If you have any questions, please contact the N.D. State Electrical Board at (701) 328-9522.